The meaning of numbers

We will never run out of numbers. They measure the world, but it’s us who give meaning and value to them

Who we are

The meaning of numbers

We will never run out of numbers. They measure the world, but it’s us who give meaning and value to them.

For over 50 years we’ve shared this mission with our clients, valued their courage, cared about their needs, and driven toward the future with healthier businesses.

We strive to make the world run better with better numbers.

Strength in numbers

Our founder Paavo Tahkola set in motion Talenom’s journey in 1972 and his belief in his idea and himself continues to inspire us each and every day as we grow across Finland, Sweden and now Spain.

One brave entrepreneur in a small office has expanded into a team of over a thousand dedicated specialists working in concert to help our customers achieve their individual dreams.

We look for strength in numbers and believe in the power of one.

What we believe in

We trust in willpower and the persistence of entrepreneurs. Even if we get knocked out three times in a row, we still keep going. We believe in ourselves when we decide to embark on a new venture.

Our employees’ well-being is reflected on our customers, the entrepreneurs.

We do not strive to be perfect in all ways, but, instead, human and rough around the edges. Caring shines through in all our work.

We dare to challenge

We inspire to follow the journey of entrepreneurship in a similar way we are building ours

Our community, our tribe, our people


The entreprenerial heart and mind is the core of our community. We use data, digital automatization, and proactive professionals to ensure the Entrepreneur feels cared for. We can plan the future together and guide and advise through the company’s life cycle. Cash flow is the oxygen, we make it flow. Our entrepreneurs shall never feel left alone.


We grow as our customers grow. Our services expand to our partners’ needs. We become the trusted consultants that provide structure, deep knowledge, and proactive recommendations. We use this mindset to speak with and support Enterprises. We simplify the journey to success, we have the will and assurance to bring great results.


The change starts with us. The confident, entrepreneurial mindset asks for courage and empathy. We harvest a culture of both and rely on our people who do too. We know our numbers but don’t hide behind them. Our people are our backbone and the motivation to grow with healthy financing and accurate accounting.

How it all comes together

To us, care is passing on a positive can-do attitude and sharing responsibility

Empathy is the starting point. Empathy makes it possible to care and understand. Understanding creates trust and trust gives freedom. Freedom to live as an entrepreneur.

Fear is your biggest enemy, whether you are just starting, renewing, or mastering your business. With unnegotiable figures and statistics, we can encourage and direct focus on core game-changers of your success.

Successful businesses are so much more than just financing. Still, the most rewarding insight is that numbers and finances can direct and ease your decision-making bringing clarity to the big picture.