Business Banking and Accounting Services

The bank account and Business credit card package you have been looking for is coming soon

Perfect for small and
medium sized companies

Transparent, competitive
and simple pricing

Banking services for Talenom
accounting customers

Lower your banking costs by using a Talenom Card and a Talenom Account

See how

All your finances,
all in One place

With Talenom services you get tools to simplify your financial routines and keep you on top of your business’s financial situation.

Effortlessly track
your cash-flow

By combining a bank account, credit card and Talenom services you take your business’s cash-flow management to the next level.

Made for doing business

Companies come in and all shapes and sizes and with flexible credit limits from €500 up to €250 000 you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

The simple way
to manage expenses

The Talenom card makes it simple to maintain control of your company’s expenses.

Open your Talenom Card and Talenom Account in minutes and start making your life easier today.

Talenom Finance Ltd, a subsidiary of Talenom Plc, is in a contractual relationship with Fellow Bank Plc and Enfuce License Services Ltd. The credit of Talenom Visa Credit Card is granted by Fellow Bank. The amount of credit and the interest rate are determined on a customer-by-customer basis based on the credit decision made by the bank. Fellow Bank (business ID is 0533755-0) has a banking license granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

This Visa card is issued by Enfuce pursuant to license by VISA Europe Limited. Enfuce is duly authorised and regulated by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority as a Electronic Money Payment Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Company registration number is 2992502-3.

A Talenom account is a business account issued by Fellow Bank, which is applied for and managed primarily through the service channels offered by Talenom. Deposits in the current account are covered by the Finnish deposit guarantee scheme up to 100,000 euros. Fellow Bank (business ID 0533755-0) has a banking license granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Talenom Account

Talenom Card

Plain and Simple Pricing

No transaction fees
€9 /mo + VAT

per Talenom Account

€9 /mo + VAT

per Talenom Visa Credit Card

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