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We specialise in accounting, tax, employment and legal advice. Our goal is to help you make sure your business is managed comprehensively and sustainably. With us, you’ll get complete peace of mind, with high commitment and quality in all our services.

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Talenom, the perfect ally to boost your business

We’re by your company’s side so it can grow and reach its full potential

Years’ experience

Committed to our clients since 1972, offering them the best personalised advice service.

Offices in Spain

We are located in the main cities of Spain to offer you a close and personalized attention.

Employees in Spain

Our expert team has a long history and is dedicated to offering you the best advice.

A broad portfolio of services with quality as our top priority

We’re committed to your company’s needs and obligations

Accounting advice

Your accounts are organised and checked by expert accountants to help you monitor and analyse them for decision-making in your company.

Tax advice

We help you meet your obligations while taking advantage of tax savings opportunities and we file your taxes for you.

Employment advice

We offer you employment advice to facilitate relations with your employees, help you in procedures and make sure you comply with the regulations in force.

Legal advice

Our legal team offers you the support and guidance you need to deal with all your company’s legal affairs.

We promote digitalisation to make your routine tasks easier

Harness powerful software for your comprehensive business management: monitor your accounts, taxes and cash all in one place

Issue on-brand quotes and invoices

Generate your on-brand quotes and invoices in just a few minutes with Talenom invoicing software for SMEs and self-employed workers. You’ll even be able to keep all your business records because the platform makes it easy for you to import your documentation. It’s that simple!

Digitize my invoicing

Defeat your resistance to doing your accounts with our automated system

Connect and reconcile your bank accounts to get the most out of Talenom. Watch your accounts and entries being automatically generated as you report your expenses and revenue in the tool to get a 360° overview of your business.

Automate my accounting

Your receipts and bills in a safe place

Scan your receipts and bills or import them from your gallery to monitor all your expenses and keep them up to date in the tool. With Talenom, you’ll have quarterly and annual summaries you can use to get an overview of your accounts wherever and whenever you want.

Manage my expenses

Avoid surprises by getting your tax estimate in real time

Our tool shows you the tax you’ve accumulated during the quarter. Monitor all your business tax forms and quickly check your estimated tax owed on the filing date.

Provide for taxes

Whatever your business, Talenom adapts to you

We offer accounting, legal and employment services so SMEs and self-employed workers can take a comprehensive management approach to their business in a digital environment

Talenom Software

The management software for companies that makes your routine tasks easier

Monitor your business invoicing, cash and taxes with a smart, intuitive, digital tool. No matter what your business is, at Talenom, you’ll always find a plan to suit your preferences.

Talenom One

Tax service with tax filing + Talenom software

Our reliable team of tax specialists will manage and file your business taxes, with the option to add employment services. Ideal for companies with an annual turnover of up to €200,000 and 250 invoices per year.

Talenom Pro

Accounting, tax, employment and legal advice you can trust

Your personalised advice service to make your business more efficient. Your adviser will guide you as needed in any accounting, tax, employment or legal procedures. Ideal for companies with an annual turnover of more than €200,000 and 250 invoices.

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