Accounting office Suomussalmi

Located in the heart of Suomussalmi, our accounting office offers high-quality accounting and payroll.

Our small but experienced team focuses on providing a personal and customized service, meeting the unique needs of your company.

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Talenom's Suomussalmi office is located in the heart of our idyllic village, on the edge of the market. This location in the middle of the village makes our office easily accessible to both local companies and customers visiting the village.

The proximity of the office to the market combines the atmosphere of a traditional village community with the services of modern financial management.

Jutta Kujala

Unit Manager

Heli Seppänen

Office Manager

Juhani Anttila


Mari Gonzales


Hannes Mertaniemi


Juulia Pyrrö


Intelligently and automatically

Talenom is a pioneer in the digitization of accounting, and it saves time. Time for you to do what excites you. And time for us to offer you quality advice. Together we create growth for your company.

Talenom offers: 

  • Customized accounting solutions
  • Simplicity and ease through automation
  • Time to take care of your business and develop it
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Our services

Customized accounting solutions for companies of all sizes. The main focus is simplicity and automation.


We specialize in salary management regardless of industry. The implementation of salary services is quick and easy.

Counseling and care

Talenom offers a wide range of advisory services. Our experts have extensive experience in many different industries, companies and business areas.

Talenom in brief

During Talenom’s 50-year history, we have grown from a small family business to an international group that is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Our central idea is to combine the advantages of automation with high-quality advice. We want to be more than a business partner for our customers; we share your goals, appreciate your courage, care about your needs and work towards a future where companies do better.

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