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Essential services that can determine the success of your business in Spain.

We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients.

From the moment you establish your business in Spain, our team of multilingual accountants will handle your accountancy and payroll needs, ensuring compliance and accuracy. Additionally, we offer ongoing legal and tax advisory services tailored to your specific requirements. We are here to assist you with a range of services, including:

Accountancy and tax declarations for companies

While the bookkeeping requirements for self-employed individuals are less complex compared to those of limited liability companies, it remains crucial to ensure accurate record-keeping to minimize tax liabilities. At Talenom International Mobility, we handle the electronic filing of all standard tax forms and provide assistance with routine accountancy inquiries. Furthermore, we offer an annual financial health check for your business, providing recommendations to enhance cash flow and profit margins. Our aim is to support you in optimizing your financial management and achieving greater financial success for your business in Spain.

Tax & Accountancy for the self-employed (“autonomo”)

The accountancy of a self-employed is simpler than the one of a limited liability company, but it is still important to do it right to minimize the payable taxes. We will file in electronically all the ordinary tax forms and resolve ordinary consultations regarding to the accountancy. We also offer a yearly financial health-check of the business and recommend ways to improve cash-flow and margins of the business.

Payroll services

Payroll is a significant responsibility as it encompasses your financial commitments to your employees. It is also your legal obligation to comply with Spain’s local labor legislation.

Our payroll services include:

  • Presenting payrolls
  • Paying the social security obligations of the employee
  • Taking care of the sick-leave and holiday bureaucracy
  • Drafting & changing work contracts
  • Communicating the employment agreements or their termination to the authorities and activating or deactivating them within the social security system
  • Presenting personal income tax models 111, 216, 190 and 296
  • Activation and deactivation of employees before the social security

These tax services could be interesting for the investors, entrepreneurs, and employees:

  • Beckham law application & tax declaration for individuals under the Beckham regime
  • Resident taxes: 720 Form, IRPF, Wealth tax
  • Non-resident taxes: Personal non-resident income tax, wealth tax.
  • Regularization of taxation of the previous years

Our team at your service

Our tax advisors in Spain, along with the other experts at Talenom International Mobility, are highly skilled and dedicated professionals who share our mission, vision, and values. They are not only fluent in multiple languages but also possess a deep understanding of various cultures. As digital natives, we leverage technology to deliver efficient services. Our team is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, and many of our tax advisors have extensive experience working in renowned Big Four firms. With their international expertise, you can rely on us to optimize your Spanish tax obligations and minimize your tax burden effectively.

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