Expanding your business to Sweden?

We are here to support you along the way. At Talenom IMS we cover all legal, tax, financial, strategic, immigration, investment, and administrative questions regarding the mobility of business, entrepreneurs and employees.

We specialize in


Expansion, establishment of businesses abroad and investment opportunities in Sweden


Accountancy & Payroll with international connections, as well as International tax planning regarding Sweden, subsidies, and government programs for reduced taxes for certain activities

Moving to Sweden

Of entrepreneurs & employees, continues legal support for international clientele, such as immigration permits, real estate and initial bureaucracy

We’ll support you in all of the three stages of your

Businesses Journey


We plan to get things right the first time — to save money, avoid delays, and reach your objectives successfully  

  • Tax planning
  • Structure planning
  • Business plan and financial viability study
  • Plan to relocate employees


In this phase we get things done. Efficiently and proactively

  • Set-up
  • Contracts
  • Compliance

Day to day care

We’ll be there for you, accompanying you on your journey and assisting in all legal, tax or administrative challenges you may encounter

  • Tax advice 
  • Accountancy & Payroll 
  • Compliance
  • International remote working, moving employees from one country to another
  • Continuous legal support, care services