Talenom – smooth entrepreneurship

For customers

Talenom offers accounting and banking services and high-quality financial management software for entrepreneurs – all under one roof. The services are tailored to each customer’s needs. Our customers are new entrepreneurs, small companies, and medium-sized enterprises in all business sectors.

Time-saving and simplicity

Our easy-to-use software saves customers time in business routines such as handling receipts, invoicing, payments, reports and payroll matters. Talenom’s platform is easy to integrate with the other software our customers use.

Quality and reliability

Automation frees up our financial experts so they can spend time analysing companies’ finances and actively advising entrepreneurs. Automation also guarantees high-quality reports for companies.

For employees

Talenom employees can make a genuine contribution to business success, creating economic growth, jobs and wellbeing. Talenom has been proven to be an excellent workplace, having earned GPTW certification. Our great colleagues are worthy of special praise.

Talenom is a developing, expanding and international company, recognised as a pioneer in the accounting sector. Our values are courage, care and will. We offer a wide range of career paths in the areas of financial management, software development, HR, sales and marketing. Career development is supported by the training available from the Talenom Academy, such as the financial management trainee, KLT, PHT, Leader and financial manager’s school courses.

For investors


Talenom makes entrepreneurship smoother. We help entrepreneurs make better decisions and offer them easy-to-use, time-saving software.


Unbeatable accounting and banking services for SMEs.


We will grow organically and through acquisitions.

Our financial targets for 2023–2025

  1. Annual growth in net sales of over 30 per cent 
  2. Annual growth in the operating margin of over 15 per cent 
  3. Increasing operating profit in absolute (euro-denominated) terms 
  4. Increasing dividends per share

Digitalisation is accelerating in the European accounting sector due to the introduction of the eInvoicing Directive. This will increase the natural demand for financial software and accounting services among SMEs.

At the heart of our product are ongoing services with monthly fees, including financial software, accounting and banking services. The products are as easy to buy, sell and deploy as possible. Our recruitment, training and management processes enable us to grow profitably in a timely way.

Talenom is a pioneer in its sector. Our in-house software development combined with our accounting expertise is a clear competitive advantage for us. They enable us to offer an unbeatable customer experience while automating our routines.

Our main market area is Finland, and we aim to further increase our market share. We also aim to exploit the growth opportunities generated by internationalisation in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. Faster growth in net sales also means higher personnel costs and software investments.

Talenom in brief

Talenom Plc is an agile and progressive accounting firm established in 1972. We aim to make day-to-day life easier for entrepreneurs with the easiest-to-use digital tools on the market and highly automated services. In addition to comprehensive accounting services, we offer our customers a wide range of expert services as well as payment and card services. Our vision is to provide unbeatable accounting and banking services for SMEs.

Talenom operates in Finland, Sweden, Spain and Italy. At the end of 2022, Talenom employed 1,336 personnel in 74 locations. Talenom’s average annual increase in net sales was approximately 16.6 per cent between 2005 and 2022.