Talenom Pro, accounting, tax, labour and legal advice you can trust

We know that every business is unique, we listen to your needs and help you reach your goals. Understanding the potential of your business is our priority in order to provide you with first-class advice. Your expert adviser will guide you along the way.

*Talenom Pro is an exclusive service designed for companies that turn over more than 200,000 a year or issue over 250 invoices annually, and for those companies that need customised advice, whatever their turnover. 

A premium solution for your company

A team of specialised experts, committed to making your company grow. Always feel supported with Talenom Pro:

  • You will have an assigned adviser who knows your business first hand and who will guide you through any accounting, tax, labour or legal process. 
  • Your adviser will have proactive meetings with you 3 times a year in order to analyse your business and suggest solutions that will improve your productivity.
  • A quality service and outstanding support and involvement by your adviser, who will look after your business as if it were their own.
  • Includes powerful Talenom accounting software in its most comprehensive version for the integrated management of your company.    

Trust, close collaboration, professionalism. Talenom Pro.

Leave your business in the hands of a dedicated adviser

Enjoy customised advice and guidance from your adviser, and you’ll always feel supported and guided.


We invest our time in learning about your business and we will guide you in the taking of any accounting, tax, labour or legal decision for your company. Your adviser will also help you to analyse your corporate reports and interpret and understand them correctly. Your adviser will always be available to resolve any matter related to your business.

We’ll enjoy watching your company grow, staying by your side all the way

*Talenom Pro is the perfect solution for companies subject to the Spanish immediate supply of information system (SII) or to the special Spanish VAT cash accounting scheme (criterio de caja), that are registered with the IOSS or MOSS (international VAT shops), operate using cryptocurrencies, require analytical accounting or accounting broken down by cost centres, with subsidiaries in other countries or with accounts in a foreign currency. 

Your company’s accounts and taxes in the best hands

Delegate your tax declarations to the expert Talenom Pro team and spend your valuable time on other work that is more important for your company. 


We get to know your business first hand and advise you according to your needs


We will file your error-free taxes on time, so you are always up to date with the tax authorities 

Peace of Mind

We will review your accounting so that you can forget about it completely and focus on what is really important


We provide you with security and guarantees that all your obligations are in good hands  

An adviser that becomes your greatest ally 

Labour specialists who look out for your company

We have an expert team of lawyers and managers who are exclusively devoted to the labour management of your company.



The team manages all labour aspects of your SME through simple processes that make your daily life easier: services and advice related to day-to-day management, the hiring of staff, social security and payroll management.

There is a labour specialist waiting to help you at Talenom Pro

Your legal interests in safe hands with Talenom Pro

Our team of lawyers who specialise in legal advice provide you with the support and guidance you need to deal with any legal issues your company faces. 


  • Incorporation of companies: we advise you so that you can decide which corporate structure suits your project best.
  • Corporate operations: the drafting of articles of incorporation, adjustments of capital, shareholders’ agreements, due diligences, dissolutions, etc. 
  • File your error-free taxes on time, so you are always up to date with the tax authorities.
  • Legal protection in other complicated situations: we provide legal protection so that you are left unaffected by any legal problem.

Talenom Pro: we guarantee your legal safety

Powerful invoicing tool for comprehensive management of your business

Talenom Pro includes an all-in-one tool for the management of the accounting and taxes of your company that will make your life easier.


Keep on top of your invoicing with a simple, intuitive tool and know the financial situation of your company first hand.


The software that will make your life easier

Customised invoices and estimates

Upload and manage your expense receipts and invoices

Tax planning in real time 

Link your bank accounts and reconcile transactions

Enjoy the most comprehensive version of our invoicing software, without limitations

Our commitment transcends borders

We guide and advise you on all the processes related to the international mobility of companies, entrepreneurs and workers. 

Discover Talenom International Mobility Services and how we can help you meet your needs in any field.


Whatever your business, Talenom can adapt to it

You manage your time. Talenom will manage your business.

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