Your taxes
in real time

Manage all your taxes through the tool and estimate what you will have to pay at the end of the quarter.
Avoid nasty surprises with Talenom.

Your taxes under complete control

With Talenom, you can get an estimate of the total amount you will be liable to pay in your declarations. Estimate your generated taxes in real time and avoid nasty surprises at the end of the quarter!

Configure the taxes that apply to your business in the tool. As you update your expenses and sales, the tool will automatically calculate your taxes.

Impuestos bajo control-talenom_1
Impuestos bajo control-talenom_1

Everything you need to know about the taxes for your business

Preparing the tax forms for your business will be an easy, intuitive job thanks to Talenom, the all-in-one tool that enables you to stay up to date with the management of your business.

Create your sales invoices

Digitise your expense invoices

The tool calculates

Your business under control

On the platform, you can review all the documentation and download it to file your declaration. Or, if you prefer, you can delegate this job to our online management service: one of our tax managers will take care of filing your taxes so you can forget about them completely.

We will help ensure that you maintain a good relationship with the Spanish tax agency.

  • Form 303: Quarterly VAT return
  • Form 340: VAT form
  • Form 347: VAT informative declaration
  • Form 349: VAT informative declaration
  • Form 390: VAT informative declaration
  • Form SSI: VAT informative declaration
  • Form 111: Income tax return
  • Form 115: Income tax self-assessment
  • Form 130: Income tax self-assessment
  • Form 180: Income tax self-assessment
  • Form 190: Income tax self-assessment
  • Form 200: Corporation tax return
  • Form 202: Corporation tax return

Automated accounting records

With Talenom you can simplify the management of your tax liabilities whether you are an SME of self-employed. Your accounting records are generated automatically, so you can:

Libros contable-Talenom-1
  • Spend less time and effort on this job
  • Forget about long manual processes
  • Download your records in Excel format
  • Minimise errors and forget about taxes completely

And with our specialised management, you can forget about even more things: your accountant will review, prepare and file your taxes on time and without mistakes.

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Talenom helps you with your taxes and so much more

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