Talenom International Mobility facilitates your business growth in Spain.

We are entrepreneurs with a global perspective, combining our expertise as lawyers

Our team has firsthand experience in international business, bringing together not only lawyers but also international economists and business strategists. While addressing legal hurdles is essential, we believe that any legal structure, contract, or arrangement should align with the business objectives of maximizing benefits and minimizing risks for shareholders, directors, and other stakeholders.

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire business lifecycle in Spain, from company formation and expansion through acquisitions and partnerships, to eventual sales or other exit strategies.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that your business setup in Spain and all its transactions comply with applicable laws and regulations, while actively supporting your business in Spain to achieve its strategic goals.


We are entrepreneurs with a global perspective, combining our expertise as lawyers.

  • Is there a demand for my product in the Spanish market?
  • Is my business plan aligned with the local conditions??
  • What is the optimal business structure to reduce tax liabilities?
  • Is it possible to obtain a residency permit through my business project?
  • Should I start a business from scratch or acquire an existing business?
  • Where can I find potential business acquisition opportunities?


Here are some examples of the services we provide for our international business clients when it’s time to take action:

  • M&A: Sales and purchases of businesses and companies in Spain
  • Starting a company in Spain
  • Organizing distribution of your products in Spain
  • International and cross-border transactions between Spain and other countries
  • Joint ventures and other strategic partnerships in Spain
  • Compliance to avoid liabilities
  • Any type of contracts

Discover business opportunities in Spain with Talenom International Mobility.

Having local contacts is crucial in finding the best business opportunities abroad. At Talenom International Mobility, we serve as your ideal local partner in Spain, with strong connections to the local transaction world and a team of experienced professionals to drive results.

Our buyers’ agents collaborate closely with the economists at Talenom International Mobility to ensure the economic viability of your investment plans in Spain. They consider factors such as the local market, taxes, cost structure, and more. They will be there every step of the way to:

Revamp your business plan to fit the local conditions.

Provide remote assistance in managing your business in Spain from abroad.

Assist you in avoiding common mistakes made by international companies when investing in Spain.

Assist in evaluating businesses for buying or selling, and provide compelling arguments to support your selling or asking price.

Optimize the Return on Investment of your Spanish business with local expertise and insights.

Day to day support in Spain

When your business is operational, we handle daily challenges like accountancy, payroll, and provide ongoing legal and administrative support in Spain as required.

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